Data and codes are available upon request.

peer-reviewed publications


  1. Evaluating prospects for subseasonal-to-seasonal forecast-based anticipatory action from a global perspective
    Jonathan Lala, Donghoon LeeJuan Bazo, and Paul Block
    Weather and Climate Extremes 2022
  2. Maize yield forecasts for Sub-Saharan Africa using Earth Observation data and machine learning
    Donghoon LeeFrank DavenportShraddhanand ShuklaGreg HusakChris FunkLaura Harrison, Amy McNally, James Rowland, Michael Budde, and James Verdin
    Global Food Security 2022
  3. Unfolding the relationship between seasonal forecast skill and value in hydropower production: a global analysis
    Donghoon Lee, Jia Yi Ng, Stefano Galelli, and Paul Block
    Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 2022


  1. Leveraging multi-model season-ahead streamflow forecasts to trigger advanced flood preparedness in Peru
    Colin Keating, Donghoon LeeJuan Bazo, and Paul Block
    Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences 2021
  2. Predicting social and health vulnerability to floods in Bangladesh
    Donghoon LeeHassan AhmadulJonathan Patz, and Paul Block
    Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences 2021
  3. Sending out an SOS: using start of rainy season indicators for market price forecasting to support famine early warning
    Frank M DavenportShraddhanand Shukla, William Turner, Chris Funk, Natasha Krell, Laura HarrisonGreg HusakDonghoon Lee, and Seth Peterson
    Environmental Research Letters 2021


  1. Integrating climate prediction and regionalization into an agro-economic model to guide agricultural planning
    Ying Zhang, Liangzhi You, Donghoon Lee, and Paul Block
    Climatic Change 2020


  1. Attribution of large-scale climate patterns to seasonal peak-flow and prospects for prediction globally
    Donghoon LeePhilip Ward, and Paul Block
    Water Resources Research 2018
  2. Identification of symmetric and asymmetric responses in seasonal streamflow globally to ENSO phase
    Donghoon LeePhilip J Ward, and Paul Block
    Environmental Research Letters 2018


  1. Defining high-flow seasons using temporal streamflow patterns from a global model
    Donghoon LeePhilip Ward, and Paul Block
    Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 2015


  1. A study on proper number of subbasin division for runoff analysis using clark and ModClark methodsdd in midsize basins
    Donghoon Lee, Jongin Choi, Soohoon Shin, and Jaeeung Yi
    KSCE Journal of Civil and Environmental Engineering Research 2013


  1. Reevaluation of multi-purpose reservoir yield
    Dong-Hoon Lee, Chang-Won Choi, Myung-Su Yu, and Jae-Eung Yi
    Journal of Korea Water Resources Association 2012

technical reports

  • Roland, H.B., Lee, D., Wirz, C. D., Curtis, K.J., Malecki, K., Brossard, D., & Block, P. February 2021. Stakeholders’ Perspectives on Flood Risk and Vulnerability in Peru. A report from the University of Wisconsin-Madison 2020 project: Development of a Forecast-based Flood and Health Risk Management System to Support Advanced Disaster Preparedness [link]